Music in Denver. Some lessons.

Before Databoy (10 years old this year). Before Cyber Soul. I studied music at Metropolitan State College (now University) of Denver. And today, I ran into one of the professors of Metro: Walter Barr. When I was a kid, he taught the hottest Jazz Band in any high school, and lived one neighborhood over from mine. When I went to Metro, he joined the faculty before going on to head the Department of Music after I graduated. I ran into him at the store while I was with Kristine Shafer—who also went to Metro, and Walter Barr knew her, of course. I was so honored to be in the company of two great musicians and instructors!

If I wanted to take Music Lessons I know where I would go! Kristine Shafer teaches music and I think she's awesome.


It was great to see Walter today.  I still can't believe he remembered me, and that's one of the things I really liked about the music dept. at Metro.  We all knew each other.  It's still that way as far as I know.  I still hear from other faculty and former classmates from time to time as I continue to work as a musician, teaching voice and piano lessons out of my own studio, Music Lessons of Denver.  Thanks for mentioning me, Chris.  I love what I do!Congratulations on your new novel as well!  It's a wonderful read!

I brought up Dr. Barr to a fellow graduate of the music program on Facebook. He didn't remember him—even after I mentioned who he was! I wonder if he's still teaching lessons, but not in Denver. He lives in New York now, still playing viola!

I am attending a conference, and it reminds of when I was young and spoke at a Symposium on Music Theory at Indiana University. I was actually introduced as "Piss Kritchford!" The host turned redder than I had ever seen. Volunteers at this conference have repeatedly mangled the names of speakers. But, none of them come close!