#5 -- All your info now belong to us

All your info now belong to us

From an older comic (the second one I followed daily) Jon, Diablo, Toothgnip and Philip may make cameos (and their spirit lives on) at Scenes from a Multiverse by Jon Rosenberg.



No, not goatsse.cx (no link provided, and I don't know if that's even the right spelling), but Jon Rosenberg's comic of more than 10 years: goats.com. It had devil-spawn chickens, aliens and programmers. What's not to like?

Then, the updates became less frequent. Finally, Jon said he couldn't do it anymore. But some of the greatest ideas ever to be silk-screened onto t-shirts had been written: "Republicans for Voldemort," Wienermobile vs. Squid, "Jesus loves Dick" and more, so maybe it was time.

Now, Jon has created a free-form format, at Scenes from a Multiverse that suits his creative style. The outrageous story-lines have been replaced by reader votes; comics that win continue on for up to five more appearances.

In fact, that influenced what I'm doing here. When I wrote the script for "Databoy" I could easily see the inspiration. Now, I'm learning to draw by tracing the characters, a different artist each time. Next, I'll try drawing free-form. Oh, and eventually I'll create my own characters and story-lines. Really. Someday.